If none of the basic pre-designed color options in the shop suit your fancy, it's completely possible to design your very own custom set of KRINKLEPUFFS! Just follow these few basic steps to get started!


Review the color options shown in our COLOR CHART. You can choose one color for a solid colored set or as many colors as you wish, there is no limit or extra charge for color choices.


Once you've decided on your colors, click the CUSTOM link in the product categories section and follow through with the CUSTOM COLOR COMBO product. Or CLICK HERE to be taken directly there.


On the product page, choose your size/fringe options and add the product to your cart. Continue with checkout. After you are redirected to PayPal to complete checkout, log in and there will be an option to add a "NOTE TO SELLER". Click on that link, and a form field will open up. In the form field state your color options as shown below:

BASE COLOR: [color]
ACCENT COLOR(S): [color(s) ]

If you want a solid colored set, just list the BASE COLOR.

If you've chosen a fringe package, the fringe will be made with your base color choice as the top layer, and your first listed accent color as the bottom layer so make sure you list the accent colors in the correct order. If you order a custom solid color set with a fringe, the fringe will be made with both layers as your base color choice.

in note to seller section:

This order would be made with pink as the most prominent color in the falls, and with white and yellow as accent colors. The fringe would be made with pink on top, and white as the bottom layer since it was the first listed accent color.

* If you would like to order a rainbow colored set, just write RAINBOW in the NOTE TO SELLER section and the falls will be made with a mixture of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple colors. If you'd like to add in extra colors to your rainbow set, write RAINBOW + (color(s))

EXAMPLE: RAINBOW + pink, lavender.

This set would be made with rainbow colors plus pink and lavender mixed in.

If you are confused or have any questions about ordering a custom set, please use the contact form supplied in the contact section or send text to # 1-314-308-2690